Emily Laws: Web Design, Humor, Harry Potter (But probably not in that order) It is about time that we started introducing our amazing team. We typically don’t introduce people until they have been working with us for a while. It gets awkward when everyone loves your team members and then you get to say, “Yeah… […]

Team Brag

Team Brag: Emily Laws

T.R.A.P. & Social Media Flowchart Four easy ways to break free of social media monotony In my last Online Presence post, we taught how social media is for relationships. Period. If you are using it for anything else, you are doing it wrong and your business is suffering because of it. And now we are […]

Facebook, Online Presence, Social Media

T.R.A.P – Four Easy Ways to Break-Free of Social Media Monotony

Stop Replying on Small Town Tourism to “Save” Rural Communities Her haughty demeanor fell away and she looked me straight in the eye for the first time, “Do not allow your land to become the only way for you to survive.” My heart fell to my stomach and I told her I was doing my […]


Stop Relying on Tourism

 Facebook does not care about your business and what you can do about it. Your business is not Facebook’s target market and they don’t care that much about you. They just don’t.  . Facebook’s Target Market When I teach this live, “Facebook does not care about your business” there is typically someone who interjects their […]

Facebook, Online Presence, Social Media

Facebook Does Not Care About Your Business

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